The Wu Family

Meet Fu Man Wu

Fu Man Wu (Foo Man ooh) Born December 28, 2005.
Born the runt of the litter.

Fu translated in Chineses means Wealthy. Since he was a very tiny puppy, we were always worried about him therefore he was wealthy in love, toys AND food. Barely 2lbs 5oz in Feburary as a Valentine Gift to each other, Fu Man would come into our lives and change it forever.

Fu Man loves to EAT and SLEEP like most pugs do, he does have a few tricks stashed in his butt, for example:

He CAN FART! So BEWARE!! He can clear a room just as fast his human Dad.

He 'talks', which comes out something like 'ow, me-ow, nnn-ow'..yeah weird boy


He can fetch actually he LOVES to fetch so throw a ball, he'll get it and bring it back.

Fu is 22lbs of pure muscle, he's not chunky or fat. Just heavy, pure lean muscle.

His Favorite toys:

His squeaker ball, he's got 2 of them since he looooves them so much

His tennis balls - for fetching when he feels like it


to annoy Daddy - how? He 'talks', more like yaps at you until you look down at him and ask him what.

to jump on the couch and take as much space as his body will allow.

brings his favorite squeaker ball and waits for you to squeeze it so he can 'sing'.
Run allll over the house and make so much noise