The Wu Family

We hope you enjoy taking a look around our website. Our goal is make finding the perfect puppy as much fun as owning one!

We provide all of the care for our pugs and spoiling and raising most of them from puppies. We enjoy spending time and playing with our pugs.

We are constantly seeking ways to always provide the best of care to our dogs and puppies.

We combine our knowledge, experiences and love of pugs to bring you the best quality puppy.  We are in constant contact with our vet to ensure every puppy in our care is healthy, spoiled, loved and well cared for.

We spend time with each puppy individually to bring you a puppy that is happy, loving, and playful. We believe by handling the puppy, holding them, cuddling them will make them more lovable, loyal and want to be held ALL the time.

By the time they find their way from our home to yours, they are ready to bring lots of love to their new family. Our goal is to help you find the joy that only a new puppy can bring. We will do all we can for you to make the process as much fun and pleasant as possible.
We want you to be able to watch your puppy grow until the day they join your family and we can send pictures often. Please contact us for any reason.