The Wu Family

Available Puppies

Little Mama Jubilee Wu is expecting her first litter this month. Please check back for pictures and information. Any questions regarding the puppies please email us! 

They're Born!!

We welcomed two gorgeous puppies on Thursday Dec. 13. One precious little girl and one big boy!

The little girl was born first and is small. The boy was born last and is the biggest!

See pictures below. We will post more individual pictures later on.

Little Miracle - $600.00 - no paper

Little Miracle is a strong gorgeous little girl. She has her mommy's smiley face and has a healthy appetite. Always hungry! She has beautiful markings, black mask face and prominent stripe down her back. Before she goes to her new home, she will be spoiled and cuddled and loved. She will be on the small side like her mommy as she is the runt of the litter like her mommy, like they say BIG THINGS comes in SMALL packages. We know she will have her mommy's sweet disposition and we know she will have you wrapped around her cute little paw very fast! I have small hand so she looks big but she is a small baby, we tried to take a picture of her in her 'grandpaw's hands since he has big hands so you can see her size but he's always kissing her cute as a button face that I can't get a decent picture! She is so irrestible you just want to kiss her all the time! We will update pictures as she grows!

Little Fat FuFu Junior $500.00 - no paper

Little Fat Fufu Junior is a very big boy compared to his sister. He has a healthy appetite as well and will let you know it. He is a gorgeous boy and is a very spitting image of his daddy. Same frowny face!! He has the beautiful black mask and prominent stripe down his back as well. Loves to stick his cute pink tongue out at us so we know he will be just a playful as his daddy was when he was a puppy. He will be ready in Feburary, spoiled with love, cuddles, kisses and ready to play! We know he will make a wonderful addition to your home. He looks like he will be medium size like his daddy, not "fat" but lean with muscles. We will post pictures as he grows.

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